Monday, June 28, 2010


Many Christians today are rediscovering the wisdom of St. Benedict's ancient rule, David Robinson, a Presbyterian minister and father of three teenage boys, has adapted Benedict's enduring monastic way of life to his contemporary family. The Family Cloister relates the seven key teachings from the Rule that are helping his family maintain peace and stability. These are: Family Design, Family Spirituality, Family Discipline, Family Health, Family Life Together, Family Service and Hospitality, and Family Growth.
Families face many difficult decisions today. The Family Cloister addresses the major issues including, as Robinson states them, family community and individuality, participation and separation, discipline and freedom, and stability and mobility. Christian families of all sizes will find Robinson's advice Scripturally accurate, timely, and most of all, practical and down-to-earth. This book won the national book award from the Catholic Press Association in 2001 for "Best Family Life" book.

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